Samsung Android Device Share Windows 17 Per Cent

Samsung will push Bada next year and is aiming to load the operating system (OS) on 17 per cent of its devices, a Samsung executive told The INQUIRER.

Keith O' Brien, head of content at Samsung mobile claimed that Samsung has 33 per cent of the UK mobile phone market and smartphone market share of 25 per cent at the end of week 40.

He said, "Next year we expect there to be some changes. 2011 has been about Android and next year, Android will have 66 per cent of Samsung device share and Bada and Windows will have 17 per cent each."

O'Brien said that Samsung's strategy is to go for as wide a reach as possible, adding, "Each [OS] gives you a choice. Bada is perfect as it is created in tandem and Bada for us represents a strategy we have always had."

He admitted, though, "It's been an Android year and Android has dominated sales." O'Brien added, "Next year, the market will increase significantly and the size of the smartphone market will increase, with all three platforms growing at the same time."

Responding to a question from The INQUIRER, O'Brien also gave us Samsung's stance on Google's ambitions to buy Motorola, saying, "We endorse and support the Google Motorola deal. We support all OSs and Google has stated that as being a hardware and software maker will improve Android."

O'Brien hinted that Samsung is also working on further integrating all of its electronics devices through content, with Bada seen as the perfect OS as it belongs to the electronics firm.

He said, "There will be more integration on devices to come. We as an electronics company need to capitalise on all of the products. If you engage with a Samsung product you are able to navigate these."

A Samsung Movies film service will be available when the Wave III smartphone launches, allowing users to rent or buy movies on their device. A Samsung music service is also up and running.

Samsung isn't the only one looking to further integrate its devices, as LG has been vocal about having similar aims. Sony also has some device integration, helped by its gaming credentials.

One thing we are sure of, however. Bada will need some pretty strong marketing support if it's going to take off in a market dominated by IOS and Android.


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