Pregnant woman passes driving test while in labour

A pregnant learner driver sat her driving test during labour, passed it, then drove herself to hospital to give birth to her first child.

Emma French, 20, of Livingston, Scotland, was so determined to pass the test that she even endured four contractions while behind the wheel.

Her waters had broken at 4am on 30 August - four hours before she was due to take her second 45-minute-long driving test.

Despite hiding being in labour from the examiner, with contractions just 10 minutes apart, Miss French passed with just 10 minor faults.

After the test, she drove to her grandparents’ house to break the good news about the labour and the test - refusing a lift to hospital from them.

By the time she reached hospital, she was three centimetres dilated and six hours later gave birth to 5lb 1oz baby Eva.

Speaking about her shocking decision, new mother and warehouse worker Miss French said: “Everyone was telling me to go to the hospital, but I had waited so long for my driving test I was determined to do it.

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“I didn't dare tell the examiner in case he made me cancel the test.

“The nurses in the hospital were confused because I was getting congratulation cards for my baby and my driving test.

“When I told them they were in shock — they couldn't believe it. I am really happy I passed, it's
something I wanted to do before I had my daughter to make it easier for me when she was born.”


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