Top Restaurants To Visit In Montreal

By Lisa Steinway

Montréal, Quebec, has some of the finest restaurants in the world. There are a wide range of diverse restaurants serving delicious cuisine. You will experience petite Tonkanize soup shops in Chinatown, classic French dining, steam dogs, sumptuous breakfasts, superb brunches, incredible Italian dishes, and so much more. There are so many outstanding mouth watering dishes that will satisfy every palate.

Below is a list of some of the top restaurants to visit in Montreal:
La Chronique, 99 Laurier Avenue West: This quaint café features delicious food, fantastic wines, and pleasing service. The relaxed atmosphere is enhanced by such delicious dishes as plank of Arctic char smoked served with deer sausage, a dish of sweetbreads and chorizo in a rich sauce with delicious red peppercorns.

Toqué, 3842 Rue St. Denis: When you dine at the exquisite Toqué, you will experience a culinary delight. You will enjoy such dishes as sorrel risotto, seared sea scallops with a dash of sun-dried tomatoes, and seasonal vegetables in a glossy carrot jus with light yellow ground cherries.

Globe Restaurant: 3455 Boulevard St. Laurent: The menu at Globe Restaurant is not only mouth watering but also innovative, serving such dishes bistro classics, veal steak with a tantalizing sauce. The atmosphere is trendy and the décor is relaxed and uniquely charming.

Mediterraneo Grill & Wine Bar, 3500 boulevard St. Laurent: The Mediterraneo Grill & Wine Bar is one of the most popular French restaurants. The décor includes a "spaceship Moderne" circular dining room which points to Provence and places further outward. Popular dishes are the venison steak and the vegetarian risotto comes sprinkled with oven-dried tomatoes, baby asparagus tops, tatsoi, and corn shoots.

L'Express, 3927 Rue St. Denis: The L'Express recreates Paris bistro down to the finest detail. L'Express's wine features exclusive imports from France. Popular dishes are the steak frites, calf's liver in tarragon sauce, and the quartet of roasted marrow bones.

Schwartz's, 3895 Boulevard St. Laurent: This delicious restaurant features a silky dark smoked meat sandwich on a plate with half-sour pickles and rye bread. It is mouth watering and has made it a popular spot for lovers of true smoked meat sandwiches.

Ferreira Café Trattoria, 1446 Rue Peel: The amazing food featured at Ferreira Café Trattoria, include: Portuguese cooking such as charcoal-grilled sardines and classics such as salt cod and potato casserole and grilled whole fish. The aged ports of fortified wine are absolutely superb.

Jongleux Café, 3434 Rue St. Denis: Popular dishes offered in this terrific restaurant include beef pressed with leeks in artichoke-laced oil and fresh skate. The nights are very lively and the lunch hours are more laid back.

Experiencing the incredible restaurants in Montréal, Canada is a truly culinary experience making Montréal the home to some of the finest restaurants in the world. There is such a wide range of diverse restaurants offer all sorts of fine cuisine, there is something to satisfy everyone's taste. When visiting Montreal, Quebec, make the most of the fantastic restaurants the spectacular city has to offer.

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