The Best of Both Worlds in Latin America

By Henry Arnault

People love extremes. We love to see the highest mountain peaks, the lowest canyon valleys, the driest continental deserts, and the largest urban fountains. So for someone who wants to see, and most importantly, feel the difference on their Latin America vacation, consider visiting Costa Rica and Argentina. Costa Rica is known for its fiery volcanoes (not that they erupt regularly of course!), and Argentina, aside from the tango of Buenos Aires and wine of Mendoza, is famous for its southern Patagonia region.

Costa Rica, located in Central America between Nicaragua and Panama, is host to the most perfect natural juxtaposition for travelers. To its west is the busy Pacific Ocean coast full of surfers taking advantage of the magnificent waves, and in the west are the calm beaches of the Caribbean Sea creating the ultimate romantic getaway for couples and newlyweds. The weather is pleasant all year, even during what is known as the rainy season, and the hot, tropical air of the summer creates a truly laid back atmosphere for relaxation. Throughout Costa Rica, there are a number of volcanoes-112 to be exact-many of which are still active. The most famous of these include the Irazu Volcano (the tallest), Poás Volcano, Rincón de la Vieja Volcano, Orosí Volcano, Miravalles Volcano, and Tenorio Volcano. The superstar, however, is the Arenal Volcano which is the most active of them all. Its last eruption was on August 24th, 2000 although only 1 person perished and more than 600 others were successfully evacuated. Still, on a daily basis, the Arenal spews hot gas and fumes as it lingers in the background of the Arenal National Park, a sight sure to be remembered on your Costa Rica trips.

Moving down South America, then, is Argentina. The immense country has enough to offer for months if not years of travel, but one of the truly unique destinations is its southern, icy Patagonia region. The town of Bariloche is situated at the base of the Andes, and it is one of Argentina's top adventure hubs. From here, visitors may go on excursions to try skiing, trekking, climbing, and more. The Perito Moreno Glacier is another top destination great for all ages, and the towns of El Chalete and El Calafate are additional stops sure to please the adrenaline seeker. For the ultimate experience, head to the ends of the earth to the city of Ushuaia, known as the southernmost city on earth. It is certainly an anomaly, and it is fascinating to see a fully functioning city so far from the rest of worldly society. If going to Ushuaia isn't enough, embark on an Argentina to Antarctica cruise which will allow you to see the final major continent on earth. Don't forget your camera, because the visuals down here are certain to be ones of a lifetime.

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