Interesting Facts About Cancer

By Shannon Dipple

Cancer is a very broad term that includes more than 200 known illnesses with their own unique symptoms and treatments. The type of cancer you have will determine the treatment you undergo. Knowing as much about what causes it along with interesting facts about cancer gives you the best chances of beating it.

Cancer is a word used to describe a disease caused by uncontrollable growth of mutated and abnormal cells anywhere in the body. Normal, healthy cells receive messages that tell them when to reproduce and when to die off.

When this doesn't happen, the extra abnormal cells band together and create a mass or cancerous tissue known as a malignant tumor. Once the tumor is large enough to diagnose, chances are some damage has already been done.

Interesting Facts About Cancer

When a cancerous growth cannot be detected, it is known as "The Silent Period." A traditional x-ray can detect a cancer mass once it has reached 1 cm, but that same mass can already contain billions of cancer cells.

Patients have to be aware of other interesting facts about cancer and warning signs of the disease.

Knowing these may help increase your chances of surviving a cancer diagnosis.

Cancer deaths are more than those caused by malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS combined.

The leading types of cancer in men are stomach, prostate and lung cancers.

The leading types in women are breast, colon and cervical cancer.

One of the rare types of cancer in adult black males is Multiple Myeloma, a cancer of the white blood cells.

Nearly 20,000 people die of cancer every day.

People who have a high acid forming diet or lifestyle are at an increased risk for developing cancer.

Families of children with leukemia are three times as likely to have used a professional exterminator before their children were age two.

If you have a root canal or tooth extraction and the priodontal ligament is left behind, you are at an increased risk for developing cancer.

Cancer cells are anaerobic and do not need oxygen to survive.

The cells have a protective protein coating on them which is part of the reason why they are so hard to kill.

There are more than 200 different anti-carcinogenic compounds in common citrus fruits - these help to prevent a host of diseases occurring.

Eye cancer retinoblastoma is a rare eye disease that occurs in children generally before the age of five. It is often referred to as Rb. Left untreated, it is fatal.

One of the early symptoms of kidney cancer is high blood pressure.

The states with the highest incidence of cancer risks are the District of Columbia, Kentucky and Louisiana.

The states with the lowest risk incidences are Utah, Hawaii and Idaho.

Cruciferous vegetables have "indoles" in them, which can reduce the size of tumors and cancer cells.

Smegma, the cheese-like substance that appears under the foreskin of male genitalia is a possible indicator of penile cancer.

Red splotches or patches on the face that appear and then disappear may be one of the symptoms of cancer of the face.

If pancreatic enzymes are low, the chances for developing the disease are significantly increased.

Almost all cases of male breast cancer start around the nipple area

Chemotherapy, one of the big three standard treatments for cancer, is a by-product of mustard gas.

It only takes one serious sunburn for skin to begin developing cancerous lesions.

Obesity is a related cause of prostate cancer, along with many other types of the disease.

Getting to your doctor as soon as you notice any signs or symptoms is critical. The earlier cancer is treated, the better the outcome.

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